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North York Cosmetic Gingival Procedures

Pink, healthy and proportionate-looking gums are the frame for your beautiful smile. Periodontists are considered the plastic surgeons of the mouth, so Dr. Edy Braun, as our Bayview Village Dental Specialists periodontist, is able to improve the aesthetics of your smile by performing the cosmetic periodontal procedure you need. Dr. Braun has extensive knowledge, training and experience in cosmetic periodontal surgical techniques that he can immediately tell you which procedure you’ll need to achieve the best results you’re looking for. There is an assortment of Cosmetic Gingival Procedures available at Bayview Village Dental Specailists!

Cosmetic Gingival


Some of the common cosmetic gingival surgeries are:

  1. Gummy Smile or Dental Crown Lengthening
  2. Gum Grafting
  3. Lip Lowering

Book a cosmetic periodontal consultation today, where Dr. Braun can examine your mouth and discuss your cosmetic gingival procedure options with you. Together you can come up with the best treatment plan that is medically and financially convenient for you and most importantly that achieves the beautiful smile results you have in mind.

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