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North York PreProsthetic Periodontal Procedures

At Bayview Village Dental Specialists, we understand that patients demand outstanding aesthetic, as well as physiological results in all phases of dentistry today.  To begin, there are certain basic and objective characteristics of a healthy periodontia that must first, before anything else, be observed, respected and maintained. A healthy periodontia is essential to achieving and maintaining restorative aesthetics.

Preprosthetic Periodontal

Reddish inflamed periodontia immediately attracts negative attention to the area. In contrast, a healthy zone of pink attached gingiva acts as a subtle background, providing dentists with significantly more restorative options for teeth.

To combat this, Bayview Village may recommend a PreProsthetic Periodontal procedure.

There are numerous nonsurgical and surgical procedures used to treat periodontal disease and which result in beautiful, healthy smiles. Our periodontal services include, but are not limited to, the following procedures:

– Scaling and Root Planning
– Pocket Reduction Surgery
– Osseous Surgery
– Bone Grafting and Guided Tissue Regeneration/
– Ridge Augmentation/
– Soft Tissue Grafts
– Crown Lengthening
– Tooth Extraction and Ridge Preservation
– Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

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