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North York Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening procedures involve the reshaping of excess gum tissue from around your teeth to show more of your tooth’s crown surface, making your smile more proportionate and beautiful. This procedure is known for being the best and only cosmetic solution for gummy smiles. It is absolutely important to feel confident and happy behind your smile. This can be done to all your teeth to expose more of your natural tooth and broad smile, or it can be done to one tooth to even your gum line.

Crown Lengthening

Other than the cosmetic and aesthetic reasons for undergoing a crown lengthening procedure,  are dental preparatory reasons to prepare your teeth for restorative work. If you’re in need of dental crown or bridge, but there’s not enough tooth length to support the artificial restoration, then your dentist will recommend a crown lengthening procedure.

Crown lengthening procedures are minor surgeries that don’t take longer than an hour and require a short recovery period. The way it works is that Dr. Braun, our periodontist at Bayview Village Dental Specialists, anesthetizes the surgical site in your mouth. Once the area is numb and you’re in a relaxed state, Dr. Braun carefully creates flaps around the tooth and removes the excess soft tissue. Reaching a clear view of the bone tissue, Dr. Braun reshapes the underlying bone according to the treatment plan to show the preferred tooth length we’re aiming for. Finally, the gums are placed over the bones again in an ideal position and sutured into place. After surgery, Dr. Braun will discuss the postoperative instructions in details with you. They usually include some dental hygiene instructions, some dietary regulations and probably medication or painkillers just for the healing period. After that, you can go on with your regular eating habits and daily life routines with no regulations at all.

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