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Dr. Rubinoff’s OMG Cases

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1. My teeth are soooo crowded. I hate my smile

A young female with extreme crowding in the upper front of her mouth. She is missing her upper canines and now requires dental implants for these teeth. What can be done to restore her upper front teeth?

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #1

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2. My front teeth look short and fat

A 60 year old male has short and wide crowns in the upper front of his mouth. Following crown lengthening with periodontal surgery, ideal tooth shape is now possible and allows for the fabrication of 6 ceramic veneers.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #2

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3. All she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth

Our patient is a young female who lost her two front teeth and the surrounding bone. The fabri- cation of two new implant retained crowns with teeth and gums that look normal in size and shape is both an art and a science.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #3

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4. Trauma injury in the front of the mouth.

Her front teeth are collapsed in and her teeth are chipped in both the upper and lower front of the mouth. The upper right lateral incisor has fractured and now requires a dental implant. She is gorgeous but for her front teeth. She will have veneers on all upper and lower teeth as well as the implant crown on the upper right lateral incisor.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case#4

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5. Good bye Gummy, Hello Gorgeous!

Remember the high smile on Farrah Fawcett? That was a gummy smile but her teeth were long enough to make the teeth look great. This beautiful lady needs some help. Raising up her gums and reshaping her teeth did the trick.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #5

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6. Congenital (born without) missing lateral incisors.

So much work to straighten the collapsed teeth with braces and then, placement of dental implants jn the lateral incisor region. Colour match, tooth shape and high aesthetic concerns are re- quired to help this young lady.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #6

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7. You could drive a shovel between my two front teeth

That big space you see between the front teeth is called a “diastema”. If the space were smaller, a cou- ple of larger veneers might work well BUT this lady had very loose front teeth that will require extraction. Now the magic starts with reshaping the other front teeth and modifying the gums in the central incisor region to allow for new teeth that look natural and pleasing in her mouth.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #7

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8. I may be old and worn down but I want to chew apples and smile again like a model

The ravages of age are often accompanied by loss of many teeth, worn down teeth and shrinking gums. Watch this lovely lady regain her youth , her vitality and her smile.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #8

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9. It’s all about the base ..... No trouble

Have you ever looked in the mirror and something about the gums and the shape of you front teeth drives you nuts. Our patient cannot stand how the gums have receded in the upper right front of the mouth. Observe the subtle but important changes that follow the placement of implants in the upper right front of the mouth.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #9


10. “How sweet it is!”… I can eat anything now.

When life gives you lemons, lemonade is a good solution but nothing beats the return of a great smile with excellent fit and function. Implants, veneers, full mouth reconstruction and voila….. .

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #10


11. “I’ve been hiding for years…… I’m baaaack”

Clinching and grinding are parafunctional habits known as Bruxism. When stress and abnormal biting habits lead to advanced tooth wear, dental enamel will breakdown and leave teeth that are tender, sharp and difficult to chew with. Reconstruction may be completed several different ways but the biting surfaces must be able to withstand continued occlusal stress. The new dentition will not stop the parafunctional habit and our patients must continue to wear their nocturnal bite guards to protect the teeth from further wear

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #11


12. Crooked smile correction

When front tooth position changes so dramatically, the solution is not always simply to just place a few crowns. The anterior guidance of the front teeth is controlled by the jaw movement and alterations must be made that allow the teeth to function in conjunction with muscles and the Temporomandibular joints.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #12

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13. Patholigic Migration in Dentistry

All teeth sit in sockets and are attached to bone by tiny periodontal ligaments. Sometimes, teeth get loose and move due to a combination of bite forces and periodontal disease. This patient had to choose between a life with dentures or the confidence gained by a fully restored dentition. The lure of cheating nature is intoxicating and our patient chooses to undergo the fabrication of an implant retained upper prosthesis and the retention of natural teeth with fixed bridge work and implants in the lower jaw. The result is amazing.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #13


14. “Eating a Baseball”

Who says baseball isn’t a contact sport? The hard ball took a bad hop and knocked three teeth almost out of our patient’s mouth. The real problem is losing “bundle bone”. When teeth are extracted, portions of the buccal plate is always lost…. even if bone augmentation is completed before implant placement. In this case, we were able to maintain the interdental papilla and its bone between adjacent upper extracted teeth. NOT easy to do but definitely possible by using sequenced placement of dental implants in the upper anterior.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #14


15. Pathologic Migration Case featuring digital technology

Using digital technology to develop ideal tooth and implant positions, our patient experienced a full mouth makeover that repositioned his dentition in both an aesthetic and functional.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #15


16. Chasing perfection with smiles

A 75 year old lady who tripped and fell over a roadside “speed bump”. Lacerations to her lip along with extrusion and fracture of three upper anterior teeth followed. What makes this accident so sad is that she had recently undergone a major dental reconstruction in 2009 by myself. She was so pleased with the results of that treatment and devastated at the injury that recently occurred.

Rubinoff Prosthodontics OMG Case #16


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