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To my patients,

I’m putting this message on my website as information to my patients.

Dentists and other dental specialties are closed by order of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario for the protection of patients, dentists and the staff who help deliver dental services.

Dentists and their staff are particularly vulnerable because we put our heads close to the head of our patients in order to deliver our care.  If we use a mechanical handpiece to polish the teeth, to do a filling or to remove an orthodontic attachment of any sort, the aerosol spray lifts the patient’s saliva into the air in a large plume of microscopic bacteria and viruses.

The gear needed to be worn in dental offices for protection is needed elsewhere right now; it is needed very badly in hospitals for the people waging war against Covid 19.  Dental offices throughout Ontario are donating supplies where we can to ensure that the first line of public health care workers in hospitals get these supplies and are protected.

Until we can get back to our offices to help you with your normal dental and orthodontic needs, here are some important things to know.

There are emergency dental clinics available here in the province and they are listed on the RCDSO web site.  You can google: “Covid – 19 – Dental practices offering emergency services” in order to get the link.  Or, go to directly the RCDSO web site.

For my patients who are wearing Invisalign Aligners, please continue to progress through your aligners at the normal rate of change.  Each aligner set should be worn 154 hours.  Then you can change to the next consecutive aligner set.

If you arrive at the end of your aligners, continue to wear the final aligner at night-time as a retainer.  (about 8 hours each night).  This will maintain your teeth in position and as soon as we start up at the office again, we will be able to continue your care without interruption.

If your aligners are not fitting well, as long as they are not hurting the teeth or the gums, continue to wear them at least at night-time.  Do not progress to the next aligners because apparently your aligners are not tracking.   As soon as we are back in the office, I can re-scan you to get new aligners to continue your care.

If there is pain on the gums or the teeth from your aligners, please stop wearing them.  As soon as we are back in the office I will re-scan you to get new aligners.

I know that this interruption is annoying and upsetting.  We are all in the same boat.  Let’s continue to follow the direction of our governments for the best outcome.

Please keep safe and well.  I look forward to seeing you as soon as this difficult time is over.

Thank you.

Dr. Stan Waese
March 2020