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North York Invisalign


Invisalign is the digital tool for 21st century Orthodontics.  In the hands of an Orthodontic Specialist, Invisalign is like a Stradivarius Violin instead of high school instrument.  Tooth positions can be planned on the computer in three dimensions to take the shortest route from a problem bite to a beautiful smile.  Dental impressions are an event of the past!  No more trays with yucky material to take models of your teeth.  Impressions are taken digitally with a digital scanner.  No more unsightly braces or emergency appointments at night or on weekends.  Also, much less pain happens with Invisalign.   Eat anything you want since the appliances are taken out to eat and brush the teeth.  But best of all, treatment is 2/3 of the time that braces take!  In the specialists’ hands, no orthodontic problem is “too difficult”.


Experience with Digital Power

When an Orthodontist has seen a problem before, the real problem and the real solution is much clearer.  In addition, the results are forthcoming faster because the obstacles that slow progress can be avoided.  Combine that experience with a talent for digital orthodontics and the result is like the crystal clear sound of a digital CD.  Welcome to 21st century Orthodontics at Bayview Village Dental Specialists.