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North York Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Care

This is what I lecture on at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry.  Every Orthodontist who graduated from U of T for the past 7 years, carries information that I taught them on Sleep Apnea.  Since each patient is different, his or her sleep apnea cause can be different as well.  A consultation is necessary to guide the patient in the right direction.  I do make mouth devises that help sleep apnea problems, and I make them so that they interfere as little as possible with normal tooth position and function.

Experience with Digital Power

When an Orthodontist has seen a problem before, the real problem and the real solution is much clearer.  In addition, the results are forthcoming faster because the obstacles that slow progress can be avoided.  Combine that experience with a talent for digital orthodontics and the result is like the crystal clear sound of a digital CD.  Welcome to 21st century Orthodontics at Bayview Village Dental Specialists.